DISC – Partner Meeting discussing the testing of the Multisensory Space methodology in Palermo

Oct 28, 2019News

How can we foster digital skill and, at the same time, enhance cultural exchanges and social inclusion creating profounder learning experiences?

The partners of the DISC project are trying to answer these questions, testing the Multisensory Space methodology in their various countries.

The Multisensory Space

The method provides a multisensory experience to the audience, combining visual stimuli with different sounds, smells and tastes.

Created by the Finnish LAUREA University of Applied Science, the coordinator of the project, it invites participants to create their own digital projects, enriching the visual elements with typical fabrics, beverages and foods as well as sounds, thus enabling a multisensorial experience and fostering digital skills in the process.

The space will be tested in all five partner countries, in order to adapt it to the specific national needs and render it more practical and user-friendly. In Palermo this approach will be tested with a mixed group of local and foreign young people, fostering cultural exchanges between the different target groups as well as the use of innovative non-formal education.

2nd Transnational Partner Meeting in Palermo

In order to discuss the national piloting plans, outline the next steps of the project and exchange the experiences already made before and during the project, all project partners from the five participating countries Finland, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium and Italy, met the 8th and 9th October in Palermo, Italy.

Furthermore, they used the occasion to held a training on the project’s second best practice: an innovative tool to self-assess digital skills, tailored to the target group of young migrants. The tool will not only help to assess digital skills, but also offer adequate training contents, including specific national sources and webpages.